7zip-Archiver (alpha Version)


7zip-Archiver is an archiving and compression App. Directories will be stored into a single File for easier Handling, compressed and protected by a Checksum. Multithreading is supported to speed up the Compression-Process.



  • macOS 10.12













    Movie2AVI is a video converter, which converts various video file formats to the AVI file format. Multithreading is supported to speed up the conversion process.




    • OS X 10.10



    Movie2AVI Main Window


    Compute PI


    Compute PI is an App for Computer and Mathematics Nerds. It allows you to calculate Billions of Digits of PI on your Macintosh. It is extremely fast and supports Multithreading (with In-App-Purchase). It is optimized for Haswell and newer Intel-CPUs.


    • OS X 10.10



    Mac App Store

    SwitchMouseAccelerationOff (Beta Version)



    SwitchMouseAccelerationOff is an App, that switches off the dreaded Mouse-Acceleration. This App is extremely important to all Mac-Users, especially Gamers. It enhances the Mouse-Precision dramatically. You cannot use your Mac or play Games on it without this App.

    Mouse-Acceleration means, that the Mouse-Precision is reduced and you cannot hit the Targets you are aiming at, because the Mouse-Pointer is not moved linear to the Mouse-Movement.

    A Mouse with about 3200 cpi is recommended.

    Version 1.0.1


    • OS X 10.11






    Download SwitchMouseAccelerationOff